Tues 18-02 : Markus Wins


German regular Markus Nolberczak was back in the winners enclosure last night to become our 10 Ball Champion for this week.

Taking full advantage of a recent reduction in his handicap mark, he was undefeated all night long through six matches to claim victory.

From a total entry of 32, he beat Norwegian Bjørn Bratteberg in the final without conceding a rack (race 4-6) to pocket the 1st Prize of 6000 baht.

Bjorn played well to reach the final and collected 3000 baht in 2nd Place.

His handicap now moves up to A+7 for the first time as a result.

Two Thai girls reached the semi-finals. Pattaya number one Nam Pennipa Nakjui, and Nid Mirantee Phukthamt, and they each took home 1500 baht for their efforts.

Champion : Markus (A+4) – 6000 baht.

Runner-Up : Bjorn (A+6) – 3000 baht.

Semi-finals : Nam (A+13) and Nid (A+5) – 1500 baht each.

Quarter-finals : Carl Jones (A+8), Roy Karlsen (A+6), Dima Samilov (A+5), and Peter Pellack (A+1) – 500 baht each.

Player Auction Results (Pot Total 29100 baht) :

1st : Andy Hall (Markus) – 8800 baht.

2nd : Bjorn (Himself) – 6000 baht.

Equal 3rd : Colin Cooke (Nam) and Olly (Nid) – 3200 baht each.

Equal 5th : Carl (Himself), Adam Lux (Roy), Gerhard (Dima), and Olly (Peter) – 1600 baht each.

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