Thurs 16-01 : Go Wins


Midweek regular Go Hongyok from Japan claimed his first tournament victory of the year on Thursday night, taking down our 9 Ball Competition.

From a total entry of 30 players he beat last Thursday’s champion Jeff Johnson in the final without conceding a rack (race 3-5) to collect the 1st Prize of 5000 baht.

Jeff, playing off a higher handicap mark than last week, did well to reach the final before finding our winner in top form, and claimed 3000 baht in 2nd Place.

Stig Olsson from Sweden and Finland’s Miikka Karila both reached the semi-finals, pocketing 1500 baht each.

Champion : Go (A+5) – 5000 baht.

Runner-Up : Jeff (A+8) – 3000 baht.

Semi-finals : Stig (A+5) and Miikka (A+2) – 1500 baht each.

Quarter-finals : Tom Rooney (A+9), Colin Cooke (A+8), Dietmar Ptak (A+4) and Dmitry Cherkesov (A+2) – 500 baht each.

Player Auction Results (Pot Total 28800 baht) :

1st : Barry Johnston (Go) – 8500 baht.

2nd : Jeff Johnson (Himself) – 6000 baht.

Equal 3rd : Tor-Arne Fenes (Stig and Miikka) – 3200 baht twice.

Equal 5th : Colin (Tom), Billy Hayes (Colin), Miikka (Dietmar), and Markus (Dmitry) – 1600 baht each.

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