This Week’s Winners


In this week’s action we had one victory each for Sweden, England, and Germany.
Numbers were lower than previous weeks, with a total of 48 players playing over the three days.

SUNDAY 9 BALL – 13th NOVEMBER : 20 Players.

Sunday’s 9 Ball final brought together two in form players, Jari Rautio from Sweden and Jogi Ernst from Germany.
Jari won a tense match in the deciding rack to win his second competition in the space of five days, and his handicap moves up to A+5 as a result.
Jogi, who has shown massive improvement in his game in the last two weeks, also has his handicap increased to A+12 due to his 2nd place finish.
Winner : Jari Rautio (A+4) – 4500 baht.
Runner-Up : Jogi Ernst (A+10) – 2500 baht.
Semi-finals : Jussi Rautio (A+5) and Nid Mirantee Phukthamt (A+3) – 1000 baht each.

TUESDAY 10 BALL – 15th NOVEMBER : 12 Players.

Scott Cooney won this week’s 10 Ball, defeating Jerome Pierron from France in a short race final to collect the 1st Prize of 3500 baht.
Jerome took home 2000 baht as Runner-Up, and his handicap moves up to A+2 for the first time as well.
Winner : Scott Cooney (A+20*) – 3500 baht.
Runner-Up : Jerome Pierron (A+1) – 2000 baht.

THURSDAY 9 BALL – 17th NOVEMBER : 16 Players.

Germany’s Rob Schnabel won his first Megabreak tournament since July 2015, with a comfortable 5-2 victory (race 5-7) over Pattaya’s number 1 female player, Nam Pennipa Nakjui in last night’s 9 Ball final.
Abdul Hussain, a new player from Bahrain, and Nelson Tyler from The USA both reached the semi-finals.
Winner : Rob Schnabel (A+6) – 4000 baht.
Runner-Up : Nam Pennipa Nakjui (A+8) – 2000 baht.
Semi-finals : Abdul Hussain (A+) and Nelson Tyler (A) – 750 baht each.

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