Sun 05-01 : Abdulla Wins


Sunday’s 9 Ball Competition saw another massive entry of 44 players from 18 different countries and victory for Abdulla Ahmad from Qatar.

Our short race format was the order of the evening due to the high numbers but that did not phase our winner after the initial setback of losing his very first match in the groups.

From there he found his form to win six consecutive matches and pocket the 1st Prize of 7000 baht.

In the final he beat Steffen Adler from Germany by 4 racks to 3 (race 4-5) and his handicap moves up to A+7 as a result.

Steffen played well to reach his first final with us and took home 4000 baht in 2nd Place.

Israeli regular Tommy Fineman and local Thai girl Boonlom Klangnok both reached the semi-finals, collecting 2000 baht each.

Champion : Abdulla (A+6) – 7000 baht.

Runner-Up : Steffen (A+7) – 4000 baht.

Semi-finals : Tommy (A+8) and Boonlom (A+) – 2000 baht each.

Quarter-finals : Cato (A+8), Håkan (A+7), Nan (A+4), and Seamus (A+3) – 1000 baht each.

Player Auction Results (Pot Total 40400 baht) :

1st : Abdulla (Himself) – 11000 baht.

2nd : Myself (Steffen) – 8600 baht.

Equal 3rd : Tommy (Himself) and Craig (Boonlom) – 4600 baht each.

Equal 5th : Brooksey (Cato), Jens (Hakan), Seamus (Nan), and Markus (Seamus) – 2400 baht each.

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