Mega 8 Ball : Gan Wins


23 players took their chance in our 43rd week of Mega 8 Ball action on Wednesday night.

This week was dominated by players from the E handicap bracket, with three of the Final 4 being from that level.

Congratulations go to all the winners, with particular mention for staff member Gan Kanchana Chinboot.

She went all the way to the 1st Prize of 8000 baht, beating last weeks champion “Snake” Vesa Kulmala in the final by 4 racks to 1.

She has now won this format three times since we started out, so although her rotation handicap is only A+5, she will now move up to “D” for 8 Ball.

Will that be enough to stop her?!

Champion : Gan (E) – 8000 baht.

Runner-Up : Snake (B) – 4500 baht.

Semi-finals : Bjørn Bratteberg (E) and Matthew Posadas (E) – 2500 baht each.

Player Auction Results (Pot Total 20000 baht) :

1st : Spencer (Gan) – 8400 baht.

2nd : Olly (Snake) – 5400 baht.

Equal 3rd : Gerhard (Matthew) and Myself (Bjorn) – 2600 baht each.

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