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Jobo Ref#00101

Jobo Ref#00101

Jobo Cues

Jobo cues are handmade in the Philippines using mainly birdseye maple and other exotic woods from around the world,

including woods like rose wood, purple heart and  canary wood.

Each cue has taken at least 40 hours of handcraft by skilled cuemakers.

Cues can be purchased at our Megabreak shop in Pattaya, or online by bank transfer or PayPal. For online orders please contact us for further details and shipping costs.

Jobo cue ref# 00101

Pool Cues Thailand
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Lenght: 59 inches

Shaft: hard rock maple 13mm
Tip: compressed Elk master
Ferrule: 3/4 inches pvc
Joint: 3/8 radial system
Forearm: philippine narra wood, 3 high points( maple, ebony veneer, birdseye maple), 3 low points (maple, ebony veneer, solid ebony)
Handle: black stained maple

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