Winner Takes All : Rick Wins


Our second installment of our Winner Takes All 9 Ball was held last Friday evening, and attracted 26 players.

We changed the format this time, using our normal handicap system, with any players up to A+8 being eligible to play.

Rick Jones from The USA was our winner, beating fellow countryman Jeff Schmitt in the final by 6 racks to 2 (race 6-4) to claim the massive 1st Prize of 35000 baht.

He played well throughout the evening, winning all his matches (5) and ended up a worthy winner.

Jeff had a much tougher time of it to reach the final after losing his second match of the evening (also to Rick).

He won seven consecutive matches on the One Loss Side of the draw to gain a rematch, but again found him too tough, and took home 12000 baht as Runner-Up.

Our other money winner on the night was Stefán Vinson from Iceland.

He played well to finish in 3rd Place, collecting 5000 baht.

Champion : Rick (A+6) – 35000 baht.
Runner-Up : Jeff (A+4) – 12000 baht.
3rd Place : Stefan (A+2) – 5000 baht.

The Player Auction Prize Pot totalled a massive 51000 baht and was won by me!!

I paid 1600 for Rick, and we shared the 1st Payout of 14000.

1st : Me (Rick) – 14000 baht.
2nd : Jarmo Smedroos (Jeff) – 10000 baht.
3rd : Texas Dave (Stefan) – 7200 baht.
4th : Infinity Snooker Club (Karen Kumar) – 4800 baht.

I cant remember the rest of the payouts for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places!!

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