Tues 08-01 : Dmitry Wins


Dmitry Cherkesov from Russia is our 10 Ball champion for this week.

From another superb entry of 36 players, he beat Germany’s Gerhard Schebler in a short race final on Tuesday night to claim the 1st Prize of 6500 baht.

His handicap is now increased to A+2 for the very first time as a result.

Gerhard pocketed 3000 baht as Runner-Up.

The English pairing of Craig Jones and Jeff Johnson both reached the semi-finals, taking home 1500 baht each.

Champion : Dmitry (A+1) – 6500 baht.
Runner-Up : Gerhard (A+2) – 3000 baht.
Semi-finals : Craig (A+9) and Jeff (A+7) – 1500 baht each.
Quarter-finals : Oliver Downey (A+20), Mike Berezovsky (A+9), Max Lindqvist (A+5) and Markus Nolberczak (A+1) – 750 baht each.

The Player Auction was massive for the third consecutive competition, mainly due to Jarmo Smedroos and Jens Ketzer!!

The Total Prize Fund was 56800 baht, and was won by Finland’s Miikka Karila.

He paid 1200 baht for Dmitry, and with the Russian declining the offer of 50%, bagged all the 1st Payout of 16k himself!!

1st : Miikka (Dmitry) – 16000 baht.
2nd : Gerhard (Himself) – 12000 baht.
Equal 3rd : Craig (Himself) and Billy Hayes (Jeff) – 6600 baht each.
Equal 5th : Craig (Olly), Jens (Mike and Markus), and Billy (Max) – 3200 baht each.

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