Tues 05-12 : Darush Wins


Our 10 Ball Champion for this week is Darush Drsh Goudarzi from Iran.

He is also a “first time” winner of a competition here, playing in just his 13th tournament.

25 players from 15 different countries took their chance last night, which saw Darush beat Russell Masciotti from The USA in the deciding rack of the final (race 4-6) to collect the 1st Prize of 5500 baht.

His handicap now moves up to A+5 as a result.

Russell continued his recent run of great form to reach his third consecutive 10 Ball final, and received 3000 baht as Runner-Up.

Filipino professional Arnel Bautista and Joni Savolainen from Finland were the other money winners on the night, taking home 1500 baht for reaching the semi-finals.

Champion : Darush (A+4) – 5500 baht.
Runner-Up : Russell (A+6) – 3000 baht.
Semi-finals : Arnel (Pro+) and Joni (A+6) – 1500 baht each.

The Player Auction Prize Fund totalled 25500 baht, and was won by Peter Nielsen from Denmark.

He bought Darush for 800 baht, and pocketed the 1st Payout of 7700.
He also added to his winnings on the evening by buying semi-finalist Joni for 1100 baht, and collecting a further 3100.

1st (30%) : Peter (Darush) – 7700 baht.
2nd (22%) : Jay-r Punzalan (Russell) – 5600 baht.
Equal 3rd (12%) : Heikki Nikunen (Arnel) and Peter (Joni) – 3100 baht each.
Equal 5th (6%) : Hannu (Himself), Hannu (Snake Vesa Kulmala), Russell (Joe Duffy), and Scott (Peter Pellack) – 1500 baht each.

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