Top 16 Tuesday Tommy Wins

Congratulations to Tommy (A+4 handicap) for winning the Grand Final of the Tuesday 10 Ball Handicap Competition at Megabreak yesterday. From a field of 16 players he won the Double Elimination tournament by defeating Kenji (A+1 handicap) in the final by 7 racks to 3 (race 7-4).
Tommy had earlier recorded victories over Robin (A+5 handicap) 5-2 (race 5-6) Aom (A handicap) 8-2 (race 8-3), Olly (A+14 handicap) 5-9 (race 5-15) and Dave Brooks (A+4 handicap) 5-4 (race to 5) to reach the final.
Kenji had some fantastic results to qualify through the 1 Loss Side, winning 6 matches in total. In the first round he defeated Kevin Fortt (A+9 handicap) 4-5 (race 4-12), before a defeat against Preecha (A+13 handicap) put him on the 1 loss side of the draw. He then recorded 5 consecutive victories to reach the final. The first of these was a 4-4 win (race 4-6) against Brian (A+3 handicap) before beating Scott (A+17 handicap) 4-16 (race 4-20) and Olly 4-12 (race 4-17). His next 2 victories were over Preecha 4-12 (race 4-16) and David Brooks 4-3 (race 4-7) to reach the final.
In the final, the result could have gone either way but Tommy produced a superb clearance in the last rack to take the title and first prize of 10000 baht. Kenji received 5000 baht as Runner-Up.
David Brooks collected 3000 baht for his 3rd place finish and Preecha received 2000 baht for 4th.

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