Top 16 Tuesday Russ Wins

Congratulations go to England’s Russ Exley (A+ handicap) for winning the Grand Final of the Tuesday 10 Ball Handicap Competition at Megabreak.
The top 16 players from the Tuesday Leaderboard took part in last night’s event, and it was Russ who defeated Steffen Schmidt (A+4 handicap) from Germany in the final by 4 racks to 2 (race 4-8) to collect the first prize of 10000 baht. His handicap is now increased to A+1 as a result.
Steffen received 5000 baht as Runner-Up.
The other money winners on the evening were Scott Cooney (A+19 handicap) and Mike O’Neill (A+3 handicap), both from England, who each collected 3000 baht for reaching the semi-finals.

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