Thurs 28-12 : Gary Wins


Congratulations go to Gary Vinson from Iceland for winning our Thursday 9 Ball Competition this week.

From a massive entry of 38 players, he played consistently well all evening to lift the trophy and collect the 1st Prize of 6500 baht.

In the final he was taken all the way to the deciding rack, eventually defeating James Mostag from Australia by the narrowest of margins (race 10-4) to secure victory.

James also played very well to reach the final, before coming up just short against Gary, and took home 3500 baht in 2nd Place.

Sweden’s Håkan Ekberg and Dennis Presiloski from Canada reached the semi-finals, receiving 1500 baht each.

Champion : Gary (A+9) – 6500 baht.
Runner-Up : James (A+3) – 3500 baht.
Semi-finals : Hakan (A+7) and Dennis (A+3) – 1500 baht each.
Quarter-finals : Tommy Fineman (A+7), Lacke Jonsson (A+6), Adam Lux (A+1), and Samir Maftri (A+1) – 1000 baht each.

The Player Auction again broke the record for the highest Prize Pool created, totaling 42000 baht and was won by myself and Gary.

I bought Gary for 1200 baht (50/50 split), and pocketed the 1st Payout of 12600.

1st (30%) : Scott (Gary) – 12600 baht.
2nd (22%) : Jimmy Mole (James) – 9200 baht.
Equal 3rd (12%) : Dennis (Hakan) and Mike Berezovsky (Dennis) – 5100 baht each.
Equal 5th (6%) : Jimmy (Tommy), Lacke (Himself), Dennis (Adam) and Scott (Samir) – 2500 baht each.

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