Thurs 23-11 : Markus Wins


We had a first-time winner of our 9 Ball Competition on Thursday.

Markus Nolberczak from Germany, playing in his 22nd Megabreak tournament, went undefeated all night long to win six consecutive matches and lift the trophy.

From a total entry of 24 players. he defeated Thailand’s Tukta Kulsuttichai in the final, 3-4 in racks (race 3-6) to take home the 1st Prize of 5000 baht.

Tukta collected 3000 baht in 2nd Place.

Charlie Ayres from England and Nid Mirantee Phukthamt from Thailand were the other money winners on the evening, receiving 1500 baht each for reaching the semi-finals.

Champion : Markus (A) – 5000 baht.
Runner-Up : Tukta (A+2) – 3000 baht.
Semi-finals : Charlie (A+6) and Nid (A+5) – 1500 baht each.

The Player Auction Prize Pool totalled 21700 baht and was won by our champion Markus.

He turned a good night into a great one by buying himself for 800 baht, and adding an extra 9500 baht to his winnings.

1st (40%) : Markus (Himself) – 9500 baht.
2nd (30%) : Heikki Nikunen (Tukta) – 7000 baht.
Equal 3rd (15%) : Adam Lux (Charlie) and Saad Al Shammeri (Nid) – 3600 baht each.

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