Thurs 01-03 : Nick Wins


Englishman Nick Corbett who lives in The Philippines, was the winner of our Thursday 9 Ball Competition last week.

Nick, who has played here a couple of times before with limited success, played well all night long to win seven matches and pocket the 1st Prize of 8000 baht.

From a massive entry of 49 players, he defeated Vincent Coleman from Ireland in the final, 4-5 in racks (race 4-8) and his handicap now moves up to A+5 as a result.

Vincent also played well to reach the final, but had to settle for the Runners-Up spot for the second consecutive week, and took home 4500 baht.

Filipino Jayson de Chavez Bilyaristang Guro and Kasper Krohns from Finland completed the Top 4, collecting 2500 baht each as losing semi-finalists.

Champion : Nick (A+5) – 8000 baht.
Runner-Up : Vincent (A+9) – 4500 baht.
Semi-finals : Jayson (A+11) and Kasper (A+5) – 2500 baht each.
Quarter-finals : Paul Butcher (A+10), Hassain Qattan (A+6), Olli V (A+5), and Nelson Tyler (A+) – 1000 baht each.

It was no surprise to see another massive Prize Fund of 54000 baht in The Player Auction, and it was dominated by Himmy Manchanda from Bulgaria.

He bought both Nick and Vincent, and bagged the combined total of 27200 for 1st and 2nd Place!!

1st (28%) : Himmy (Nick) – 15200 baht.
2nd (22%) : Himmy (Vincent) – 12000 baht.
Equal 3rd (13%) : Gerhard (Jayson) and Mike B (Kasper) – 7000 baht each.
Equal 5th (6%) : Dave Chalmers (Paul), Olly Downey (Hassain), Brian Seib (Olli V) and Nelson (Himself) – 3200 baht each.

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