Sun 03-02 : Nik Wins


It was a victory for the girls on Sunday night, with local Thai player Nik Nucharee Vichuma going all the way to the 1st Prize of 5000 baht.

She lost her very first match of the evening in the groups, before finding her form to win six consecutive matches and lift the trophy.

From a total entry of 30 players, she beat last week’s Mega 8 Ball Champion, Barry Johnston from England in the final by 4 racks to 3 (race 4-5).

Barry continued his recent run of good form to reach the final before falling just short against Nik, and took home 3000 baht in 2nd Place.

Top Thai player Pipe Tanut Makkamontree played some quality stuff to reach the semi-finals, along with Nelson Tyler from The USA, and they each took home 1500 baht.

Champion : Nik (A+1) – 5000 baht.
Runner-Up : Barry (A+2) – 3000 baht.
Semi-finals : Pipe (A+20) and Nelson (A+2) – 1500 baht each.
Quarter-finals : Olly (A+20), Nid Mirantee Phukthamt (A+5), Simon Erlank (A+3), and Albert Gringhuis (A+1) – 500 baht each.

The Player Auction Prize Pot totalled 35300 baht and was won by Jamie Brooks.

He paid just 1000 baht for Nik, and they shared the 1st Payout of 10000.

1st : Jamie (Nik) – 10000 baht.
2nd : Craig Jones (Barry) – 7500 baht.
Equal 3rd : Colin Cooke (Pipe) and Craig (Nelson) – 4000 baht each.
Equal 5th : Colin (Olly), Nik (Nid), Craig (Simon) and Hannu (Albert) – 2000 baht each.

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