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Mega 8 Ball : Bjorn Wins

Mega 8 Ball : Bjorn Wins


Last night’s Mega 8 Ball Competition had an increased turn out on recent weeks, with 28 players taking their chance.

For the second consecutive week the E handicappers dominated things, with three of them making the Final 4.

Congratulations go to all the winners, with particular mention for Bjørn Bratteberg from Norway.

He was undefeated all night long, winning six consecutive matches whilst dropping only six racks in total, such was his dominance over the oppositiion.

Champion : Bjorn (E) – 8000 baht.

Runner-Up : Ali Alwuheeb (E) – 4500 baht.

Semi-finals : Kim Laaksonen (A+1) and Oran Tanawat Q (E) – 2500 baht each.

Quarter-finals : Patric Gonzales (A+1), Jens Ketzer (D), Khalfan Althani (E), and Nelson Tyler (G) – 1000 baht each.

Player Auction Results (Pot Total 32900 baht) :

1st : Sauod Marafi (Bjorn) – 10000 baht.

2nd : Craig Jones (Ali) – 6800 baht.

Equal 3rd : Zoli Pocza (Kimi) and Bjorn (Oran) – 3600 baht each.

Equal 5th : Markus Nolberczak (Patric), Olly (Jens + Khalfan), and Nelson (Himself) – 1800 baht each.

9 Ball High Roller Report

9 Ball High Roller Report

9 BALL HIGH ROLLER REPORT : SNAKE IS CHAMPION. SATURDAY 26th and SUNDAY 27th OCTOBER. MAIN EVENT – 52 PLAYERS. Last weekend’s 9 Ball High Roller tournament was as always another great event, attracting a total of 52 players from 15 different countries. Congratulations go to “Snake” Vesa Kulmala from Finland for winning and pocketing the 1st… Continue Reading