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Mega 8 Ball : The Glove Wins

Mega 8 Ball : The Glove Wins


Week 24 of our Mega 8 Ball Competitions on Wednesday night attracted a smaller field than usual with 14 players taking their chance.

The lower level players held sway yet again with the finalists being E and F handicappers.

Congratulations go to all the winners, with Pete “The Glove” Selbourne winning for the second time in three weeks, beating fellow Englishman Johnny Whitley in the deciding rack of the final to collect the 1st Prize of 5000 baht.

Champion : The Glove (E) – 5000 baht.

Runner-Up : Johnny (F) – 3000 baht.

Semi-finals : Matthew Posadas (E) and Myself (A+1) – 1500 baht each.

The Player Auction Prize Pot totalled 13400 baht and was won by our Runner-Up Johnny.

He bought our winner for just 400 baht, and pocketed the 1st Payout of 5000.

1st : Johnny (The Glove) – 5000 baht.

2nd : Olly (Johnny) – 3800 baht.

Equal 3rd : Olly (Matthew) and Sam Lowe (Myself) – 2000 baht each.

9 Ball High Roller Report

9 Ball High Roller Report

9 BALL HIGH ROLLER REPORT : SAMI IS CHAMPION. SATURDAY 29th and SUNDAY 30th JUNE. MAIN EVENT – 51 PLAYERS. Our 9 Ball High Roller tournament last weekend was another great event which attracted a total of 51 players. Massive congratulations go to Finland’s Sami Granqvist for winning and claiming the 1st Prize of 30000 baht. As… Continue Reading